Charanga Music World Baritone / Euphonium Teacher Edition

Baritone / Euphonium Teacher Edition
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Baritone / Euphonium Teacher Edition is coming soon.

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  • 2 Student Licences for Baritone / Euphonium
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Baritone Euphonium

Add a new dimension to the early stages of learning.

Use Music World to give your beginners fun online activities that will really boost their playing.

Designed by top educationalists to complement just about any teaching method, this is a new, exciting, modern way to engage students, provide them with enjoyable music-making right from the start and promote more practising between lessons.

Simply give your beginner students access to Music World so that they can log in at home, design their own personal avatar and get playing. Children enjoy using computers and they enjoy music: Music World combines the two.

Music World can be used as a beginner Scheme of Work or as support for other tuition methods.

Inside the world

The pieces and the way they are presented is one of the factors that makes Music World so special. Here’s how:

  • With most pieces, the music is shown on screen, with the bar/measure being played online highlighted, so helping your students to focus and match notes with sounds.
  • Animations show where the notes are on the clarinet, reinforcing and reminding your students what they have learned in your lessons. This is also a great help for parents who want to help their children.
  • Pieces can have just note names, note names with notation, or notation only, providing flexibility of approach.
  • Backing tracks are varied in style, genre, instrumentation and tempo to make each piece different and interesting.
  • The music can be played with the backing track at a practice or performance tempo, so that even at a slow tempo your students can enjoy taking part in great-sounding music.
  • Sections/phrases can be looped to make repetition easier.
  • Students can play without the provided lead instrument part as they become more confident.

See an example

Click here to see a video of one of the pieces - in this example the format is letter names and notes.

Apart from interactive pieces, activities include musical quizzes, games and cartoons, related videos, basic improvisation and composition.

Children can earn virtual “coins” and print and collect badges for reaching certain milestones.

Who’s it for?

For beginners, the note range covered is C D E F G A. The level reached at the end of the programme is about Grade 1.

The World is suitable for teaching one-to-one, small or large groups.

Student management

You can track stages covered by your students and the coins and badges they have earned.

Importantly, once a beginner has completed Music World and doesn’t really need it anymore, you can simply swap their licence over to another of your early stage students who might benefit from the extra support Music World provides.

You can manage your Student Licences easily in the My Students section.

Table of contents

Click here to see the list of exercises and pieces. In the Teacher Edition, the pieces can be printed off as PDFs if required.

Safe and secure

Music World is a self-contained system with no chat or social networking and is completely safe. Many parents and carers enjoy exploring the World with their children.


Music World is an online service and can be used on all laptops and desktops (PC and Mac) with an internet connection. Tablet including iPad usage will appear very soon.


Baritone/Euphonium Teacher Edition has been written, compiled and arranged by top educationalist Jane Sebba and brass specialist Dagmara Jones with superb arrangements by Pete Readman.


The annual subscription is £30 and this includes your access and student management plus two student licences for you to allocate. Each additional student licence costs £10.

You may wish to pass the student licence cost on to your students.

If you add student licences after you bought your initial subscription, or buy a different instrument edition, you pay pro rata until the end of the year. At the end of the year, you don’t need to keep or pay for any student licences you aren’t using. We’ll send you a reminder at the appropriate time asking if you wish to renew your subscription.


Should you require it, there is phone support on 01273 940 003, Monday to Friday 9.30 am - 5.00 pm and you can email the Helpdesk on


As soon as the children saw the World, they were completely engaged!

Helen Briggs, Instrumental Teacher

The resources are amazing! Charanga Music World is fab!

Chris Blurton, Teacher

Such fun! Can't wait to get started with the children!

Mel Rooney, Instrumental Teacher

[My daughter] has been given access to 'Charanga Music World' … and she is absolutely loving it.

Beth Hart, Parent

My children have responded to this resource with excitement and love using it.

Andrew Lindley, Music Teacher

Music World has been a real hit with many of my pupils at the start of the term. I had lots of children coming to me wanting to share things they’d been discovering/doing with it. Some parents have even commented on how much their children like it and how it’s encouraged them to practise.

West Sussex Instrumental Teacher, in Music Mark magazine article, Summer 2013